FLASHTEST PCR 1600 Real-Time qPCR Instrument

FLASHTEST PCR 1600 is a Real-time PCR  system. It has the following characteristics:

  • Built for Rapid Detection

  • One Press Start

  • Bring PCR tests to local labs and remote locations

  • Proprietary Thermal Control Technology

  • Thermal Control with Precision

  • Outstanding Reaction 

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Content Summary of FLASHTEST PCR 1600 Real-Time qPCR Instrument

FLASHTEST PCR1600 delivers outstanding performance to speed up detection and improve accuracy. The flexible, easy-to-use system suits diverse settings and industries.

Faster detection:

  • Results in 30 minutes

  • 16 wells, 4-channel fluorescence detects up to 16 samples per run, covering 64 genes

Enhanced accuracy:

  • 40 full amplification cycles

  • Dual-zone heating enables precise temperature control

Simpler workflow:

  • 10.1"" interactive LCD touchscreen

  • One-touch start, no complex steps

Specification of FLASHTEST PCR 1600 Real-Time qPCR Instrument

Real-Time qPCR System
Basic performanceSpecification
Sample capacity16 x 0.2mL PCR tubes
Reaction volume20μL ~ 100μL
Fluorescent dyesF1: FAM, SYBR Green I
F4: Cy5
Thermal module temperature range10℃~ 100℃
Uniformity≤ 1℃
Thermal control accuracy≤ 0.5℃
Heating rate (average)≥ 4.5℃ /s
Heating rate (max.)≥ 6.5℃ /s
Cooling rate (average)≥ 3.2℃ /s
Cooling rate (max.)≥ 5.1℃ /s
Heated lid temperature range30℃~ 120℃
Fluorescence intensity detection repeatabilityCV ≤ 3%
Sample detection repeatabilityCV ≤ 3%
Sample linearityLinear regression coefficient r ≥ 0.99
Fluorescence linearityLinear regression coefficient r ≥ 0.99
Display10.1 inch touch screen
Power supplyRated power supply voltage: 100-240VAC
Rated power supply frequency: 50/60Hz
Rated power: 800VA
PortsUSB 2.0, Ethernet, RS-232
DimensionsWidth 300mm x Depth 370mm x Height 190mm

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