PCR Test Kits for Human

Real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) in human disease detection is characterized by the following features:

High Sensitivity and Specificity: Capable of accurate and rapid detection of pathogenic nucleic acids, enabling early disease diagnosis.

Quantitative Analysis Function: Provides detailed information on pathogen load, facilitating the assessment of infection severity.

Real-time Monitoring: Allows for instant results during the reaction, providing healthcare professionals with real-time information for personalized treatment strategies.

High Precision and Reliability: Demonstrates high experimental accuracy and reliability, offering robust support for accurate diagnostics.

Rapid Response: Enables quick reactions, aiding in making timely medical decisions.

How To Use PCR Test Kits for Human?

Step 1: Add sample

Use a pipette to transfer the sample (volume andprepared as instructed), and dispense it into the"load sample"well

Step 2: Nucleic acid extraction

Place extraction cartridge into the extractor rack.Press button to retract rack into the instrument.Press button to start extraction.After extraction is complete, the rack is ejected automatically

Step 3: Retrieve extracted nucleic acid

When performing the test, add 20uL from the"extracted" well to the PCR reaction tube

Step 4: Instrument operation

(Note: Before starting the instrument, please ensurethat the PCR tube cover and hot cover are closed tightly)

How To Use PCR Test Kits for Human?

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