FLASHTEST F Lite is a small FIA POCT Analyzer. It has the following characteristics:

  • Cost-efficient quantitative FIA analyzer

  • User-friendly with computer connection

  • Automatic input of test and standard curves

  • 15~20 T/h not included auto sample prep and incubationSupports combo test cards

  • Over-the-air program updates

  • Code scanner compatible

  • Connection with LIS.

point of care analyzer
point of care analyzer
poct immunoassay analyzer
poct analyzer

Content Summary of FLASHTEST F lite FIA POCT Analyzer

FLASHTEST F Lite is a mini immunoassay analyzer ideal for portable and home testing. Key features include:

  • Affordable pricing, lower cost than colloidal gold readers;

  • Simple plug-and-play workflow;

  • Supports multiple card testing;

  • Remote upgradability;

  • Auto 2D barcode recognition;

  • LIS connectivity.

Specification of FLASHTEST F lite FIA POCT Analyzer

FIA POCT Analyzer
Sample positions1-2 (multiplex single sample cards supported)
Temperature controlled incubationNo built-in incubation can pair with a card incubator
Detection speed15-30T/h (excluding sample processing and incubation time)
Wavelength365±10nm/610±10nm (customizable)
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