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Discover our game-changing POC Device For Pets, designed specifically for pet owners. With its user-friendly interface and quick diagnostic capabilities, take control of your pet's health journey. Stay informed, monitor vital signs, and receive personalized recommendations for their well-being. Embrace the convenience and peace of mind that comes with our innovative products.

Discover our cutting-edge molecular testing solutions, empowering pet owners with accurate and dependable results. Safeguard your beloved pets by detecting infections and monitoring their well-being, ensuring peace of mind every step of the way.
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Experience the power of our groundbreaking Fluorescent Immunoassay technology, providing pet owners with swift and precise diagnosis. Take immediate action to ensure the health and happiness of your cherished companions, as we bring you the speed and accuracy you deserve.
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Rapid Test
Introducing our efficient and reliable testing solutions, empowering pet owners to swiftly identify diseases and conditions, safeguarding the wellness of their cherished furry companions. Experience convenience and accuracy, prioritizing the health and happiness of your beloved pets.
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Quality Animal Lab Test Instrument And IVD Instrument

About Animal Lab Test Company
About Us

Flashtest has been developing and manufacturing in-vitro diagnostic solutions for over 20 years. 

Its proprietary products range from real-time quantitative PCR, immunofluorescence quantitative analyzers, as well as rapid tests and antigens. These products are widely used in medical diagnosis, animal diagnosis, lab automation, food safety, medicine, cosmetics, and environmental safety. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Flashtest and its holding company, Egens Group, have developed: 

  • COVID-19 antigen test, with mass production 

  • Extraction-free PCR kits, to make PCR tests fast and easy 

  • Automated benchtop PCR system, compact and easy to operate 

These proprietary solutions have been helping fight against the pandemic all over Europe and  Asia, by completing hundreds of millions of tests.  

Now, Flashtest offers a user-friendly and cost-effective Point of Care Testing product line under the brand FLASHTEST. Its production capacity reaches 10 million antigen tests per day and 100  thousand devices per year. 

As a manufacturer with ever expanding technology stack and product lines, sophisticated supply chain and quality control, Flashtest is open to all kinds of partnership, including distribution,  ODM, and OEM, etc. Flashtest seeks to create innovative, reliable, and affordable testing solutions with our trusted partners, all over the world.

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