FLASHTEST SwiftCheck Automatic FIA Analyzer

FLASHTEST SwiftCheck is a FIA POCT Analyzer. It has the following characteristics:

  • 6 SAMPLE SLOTS: Sample in, result out Auto-recognize test and curve

  • 1 SAMPLE,20 TESTS: Supports up to 20 tests combo panel

  • 30-60T/h: With sample prep and incubation

  • INSERT SAMPLE,START TEST: No pipette, no error

  • 37℃ INCUBATION: For fast and accurate results

fia analyzer
fia analyzer
immunofluorescence quantitative analyzer
fia instrument

Content Summary of FLASHTEST SwiftCheck Automatic FIA Analyzer

The fully automated FLASHTEST SwiftCheck F0600 immunoassay analyzer offers:

Greater Convenience

  • Direct tube loading, fully automated workflow, no manual handling

  • No transfer pipetting, one-button operation

  • Preprogrammed protocols, ready to use

  • Auto-recognition of tests and calibration

Faster Results

  • 30-60 tests/hour; results in ~10 minutes (processing + incubation time)

  • Multiple detections from one sample

  • Flexible 1-6 simultaneous card testing

  • Built-in thermal printer, auto-printout

Improved Accuracy

  • No manual errors, full automation

  • 37°C constant incubation

Enhanced Value

  • Software upgradable, customizable protocols

  • PC software for standard reports

  • Barcode scanner for sample registration

  • LIS connectivity to laboratory systems

Specification of FLASHTEST SwiftCheck Automatic FIA Analyzer

NameFLASHTEST SwiftCheck
Automatic FIA Analyzer
Display10. 1” touch screen
Sample Typeswhole blood /plasma/ serum
Sample capacity6(supports multiplex cards)

USB, rs232, ethernet, WiFi,4G (optional)
Integrated thermal printer
Data Storage>100,000 records

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