About Flashtest

Our history of medical instruments dates back to 30 years ago in Tuttlingen, Germany, in the field of surgical and endoscopic instruments. In 2010, best instruments were reorganized as best Medical GmbH.

We were one of the pioneers in global manufacturing, which enabled us to supply evergrowing medical solutions and stay competitive. In the past decade, we developed products covering real-time qPCR, fluorescence immunoassay, and colloidal goldrapid test.

Now we are ready to extend the same care to our loved pets.

In Vitro Diagnostics Company

Company Strength

1,000m² R&D Center

In 2023, we have developed 20+ brand new diagnostic instruments and 200+ test reagents. 

20 Years of IVD R&D and Manufacturing Experience

We have 100+ proprietary patented products and export qualifications in multiple countries. 

3000m² Testing & Inspection Center

We provide disease testing services to over 50 countries worldwide.

20000m² Manufacturing Facilities

Our annual instrument production capacity reaches 100,000 units, and annual reagent production capacity reaches 1 billion tests. 


Honor Certificates

  • dakks
  • iso14001
  • iso45001
  • iso9001
Flashtest Blogs
Aug 28-2023
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Aug 18-2023
Pet FIA: Caring for Beloved Pets, Ensuring Health and Happiness.
With the increasing concern for pet health, pet FIA (Fluorescent Immunoassay) is becoming an increasingly popular choice for caring for furry friends. With its efficiency and accuracy, pet FIA provide...
Jul 22-2023
Pet Rapid Test: Caring for Companions and Ensuring Quick Health Monitoring
Pet health is always a concern for pet owners. Nowadays, Pet Rapid Test has become a new favorite for pet health management. Its fast and convenient features allow owners to monitor the health of thei...