FLASHTEST Skan Plus Colloidal Gold Quantitative Analyzer

FLASHTEST Skan Plus is a Colloidal Gold Quantitative Analyzer. It has the following characteristics:

  • 16 strips throughput

  • 10" LED touch screen

  • Bidirectional LIS connection

  • Built-in printer and code scanner

  • Reads QR code on test cassettes

  • Supports multiplex test cassettesBatch handling with drawer-style test trayProprietary optical module and algorithms for high accuracy

rapid test instrument
rapid test instrument
rapid test analyzer
rapid test instrument

Content Summary of FLASHTEST Skan Plus Colloidal Gold Quantitative Analyzer

FLASHTEST Skan Plus colloidal gold reader not only reads test strips but enables on-device report printing and data analysis. Key features:

  • High throughput - up to 16 simultaneous tests;

  • Mixed-mode testing of different cards and targets;

  • Single/multiplex card compatibility;

  • Barcode scanning and printed reports;

  • Optional 4G and LIS connectivity;

  • Large touchscreen for intuitive use.

Specification of FLASHTEST Skan Plus Colloidal Gold Quantitative Analyzer

Colloidal Gold Quantitative Analyzer
Power supplyAC110/230V,10A,50/60Hz
ConnectivityUSB, RS-232
PrinterThermal printer
Stability: CV≤5%
Key performanceRepeatability: CV≤3%
Linearity: |R|≥0.990

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