Feline Infectious Peritonitis IgG (FIPV IgG) Test Kit

This is a colloidal gold detection reagent card used to detect feline infectious peritonitis IgG ( FIPV IgG). Colloidal gold technology has the characteristics of high sensitivity, convenience, intuition, no need for auxiliary equipment, and home-based detection. Utilizing this technology, we can detect whether your beloved pet carries Feline infectious peritonitis IgG ( FIPV IgG) through this small card.

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Features of Feline Infectious Peritonitis IgG (FIPV IgG) Test Kit

This is used to test Feline infectious peritonitis IgG ( FIPV IgG) test strips, which adopt the colloidal gold immunochromatography method. The advantages of FLASHTEST pet rapid test products are mainly:

  • Over 130 pet testing items, fully meeting home testing needs.

  • Up to 5 items can be tested at a time, supporting customization of various combination multi-panel cards.

  • High sensitivity and specificity, using high-quality antigens or antibodies, can detect lower-concentration samples.

  • Fastest results in 5~10 minutes, intuitive results without extra equipment.

  • Portable for any time use, suitable for home use.

  • Extremely cost-effective, currently the most affordable diagnostic method.

Specification of Feline Infectious Peritonitis IgG (FIPV IgG) Test Kit

Product NameFeline infectious peritonitis IgG ( FIPV IgG)
Product Code4006
SpecificationsCustomization available
Applicable AnimalsCats
Sample TypePleural Fluid, Ascitic Fluid
Reagent Shelf Life24 months
Transportation RequirementsRoom temperature
Storage RequirementsRoom temperature
Packaging DimensionsCustomized based on requirements
WeightCustomized based on requirements

fip testing
fip test for cats
rapid test for cat
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