Myoglobin (Myo)

Human FIA reagents are fluorescent immunoassay agents designed for detecting specific molecules in human samples. This kit used to detect Myoglobin (Myo). FIA technology has the characteristics of high sensitivity, rapid results, suitability for clinical experiments, versatility, and ease of use. Utilizing this technology and the FLASHTEST FIA reagent kit, it can accurately diagnose whether individuals carryMyoglobin (Myo).

myoglobin myo
myoglobin myo

Features of Myoglobin (Myo)

This human FIA detection reagent screens for pathogens like FLASHTEST FIA human testing projects currently cover antibody, endocrine and other categories. The readings of this reagent are not visible to the naked eye and must be used with FLASHTEST FIA Analyzer. This reagent card has the following key features and applications:

  • High Sensitivity.

  • Rapid Results.

  • Suitable for Clinical Experiments.

  • Versatility.

  • Convenient Operation.

Specification of Myoglobin (Myo)

Product NameMyoglobin (Myo)
Product Code2410
Specifications10 Test/Box
Testing Targetshuman
Reagent Shelf Life1. Store the test kit at 4~30℃ up to the expiration date.
2. The test should operate at (18~28) ℃ after Test Device opening.
3. Once the pouch is opened, the test should be performed within 30 minutes.
Transportation RequirementsRoom temperature
Storage RequirementsRoom temperature

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